While there are plenty of professional athletes and die-hard fitness advocates who take Bioenergy Ribose regularly, many other ribose fans don’t fall into one of those categories. They include baby boomers who want to maintain their energy levels throughout each day. Maybe you’re a baby boomer whose energy levels seem to diminish with each passing year. And there are the weekend athletes who are looking for ways to minimize the stiff, sore muscles that plague you every Monday morning.

If Wednesday night league bowling results in Thursday morning muscle fatigue, consider taking ribose before you go to bed, and adding it to your coffee the following morning. By driving the process that replenishes ATP and other energy components in these cells, ribose helps to shorten recovery time, and to reduce cramping and soreness.

Perhaps you’re a morning person, and you’re looking for a way to maintain your energy so that you’re not hitting the vending machine every afternoon. Supplementing your diet with ribose may be just the help you need to steadily push right past those slumps, without the peaks and valleys associated with sugary or heavily caffeinated energy products.

For even better energy maintenance and muscle recovery, stay on a Bioenergy Ribose regimen (about 3 grams, twice daily) for two weeks. Track your energy levels. Rate your muscle stiffness and soreness. See if you’re able to start increasing your exercise tolerance.

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