Laura Bennett explains benefits of Bioenergy Ribose for women triathletes (2 of 2)

Laura Bennett, Olympic triathlete, tells of Bioenergy Ribose is an advantage to women triathletes by giving them sustained energy.

Triathlete couple, Greg & Laura Bennett, begin and end the day with Bioenergy Ribose (1 of 4)

Greg and Laura Bennett talk about how Bieonergy Ribose helps them maintain battery all day.  They start the day with Bioenergy Ribose with their coffee to help them get going and end the day with it to help them relax and sleep better. Taking Bioenergy Ribose midday helps get them through the afternoon training session. They mention how important it is to use Bioenergy Ribose routinely.

Bennetts take Bioenergy Ribose on race days for maintained energy (2 of 4)

Professional triathletes, Greg and Laura Bennett, tell how they use Bioenergy Ribose on race day to help sustain their energy throughout the day. They put Bioenergy Ribose in their coffee to start the day.  It helps maintain the effects of the caffeine versus having big spikes of energy followed by a crash. 

World class triathletes tell how easy it is to mix Bioenergy Ribose with any beverage (3 of 4)

Greg and Laura Bennett, world class triathletes, talk about how easy it is to take Bioenergy Ribose.  They simply add it to water, juice, coffee, protein shakes and other favorite beverages.  It dissolves quickly and tastes slightly sweet.

Bennetts share Bioenergy Ribose with trainer, chiropractor and family (4 of 4)

The Bennetts, professional triathletes, have gotten their chiropractor, trainer, massage therapist and friends to use Bioenergy Ribose but are very hesitant to share it with their competitors. Laughing, they say they would tell them about it if they ask but only because they believe so strongly in the product. But they prefer to keep it to themselves so they can have that advantage over their competition.

Bryan Clay, Olympic Decathlete, declares great experience with Bioenergy Ribose (1 of 4)

Bryan Clay, Olympic Decathlete, talks about how he was approached by Bioenergy Life Science with a unique opportunity and product, Bioenergy Ribose.  He was told it would help sustain his energy and he would not fatigue as easily.  It would also help with cardiovascular functions.  But as an Olympic athlete, he had to be very careful with what he puts in his body.  So he had the product tested and it was deemed clean and safe. Bryan has been taking it ever since and it's been a great experience!

Bioenergy Ribose played big part in Olympic Decathlete's training/recovery (2 of 4)

Bryan Clay, Olympic gold medalist, talks about how, of all the supplements he takes, he can definitely state that Bioenergy Ribose played a big part in his overall program for training and recovery.  Bioenergy Ribose made a difference in his recovery, not only from day to day but from event to event.

Bryan Clay, Olympic decathlete, takes Bioenergy Ribose to refuel (3 of 4)

Bryan Clay mixes Bioenergy Ribose with his coconut water in between training sessions to help him refuel.  He says it doesn't change the taste of his drinks or food which is a great benefit for a supplement.

Bryan Clay's wife, Sarah, tries Bioenergy Ribose to help prepare for first marathon (4 of 4)

Bryan Clay talks about how his wife, Sarah, plans to take Bioenergy Ribose to help her prepare for her first marathon, the Honolulu Marathon (which took place December 2012).  She knows what an advantage it gives Bryan during his training and wants that same advantage.

Olympic rower excited about Bioenergy Ribose (1 of 7)

Susan Francia, 2-time Olympic Champion and 5-time World Champion (W8 rowing), tells how she was looking for an edge during her training for the 2012 Olympics, something that would help with recovery. She needed something safe but effective.  She found Bioenergy Ribose to be the perfect solution. Bioenergy Ribose was recommended by other Olympic athletes who used ribose during their training and competitions.