Olympic triathletes talk about benefits of Bioenergy Ribose at IM2016

Greg and Laura Bennett, Olympic triathletes, got up on the main stage at Ingredients Marketplace April 28, 2016 to talk about the benefits of Bioenergy Ribose and how they use it.  They have been using Bioenergy Ribose since 2008 to help give them have the energy they need to get through the long, hard days of training and help them compete better (against those half their age!).  It especially helps them recover and have the motivation and energy to get that second workout of the day completed in a strong fashion.  They also talk about how Bioenergy Ribose helps them sleep better, especially when they are training hard, because it helps their muscles relax.  So they start their day with a scoop of Bioenergy Ribose in their coffee and end their day with a scoop before bed. And on most days they add another scoop midday to help avoid that afternoon crash.  It's all about having sustainable energy to help you get through your busy day.   Visit TEAM RIBOSE to learn more about how athletes use Bioenergy Ribose.  Browse our home page,, to learn more about the science and applications.

Greg and Laura Bennett Share Secrets for Better Energy: #1 is Bioenergy Ribose

Greg and Laura Bennett shared their secret to better energy (Bioenergy Ribose) with Joana Canals on the "Colorado's Best" TV show that aired LIVE on August 6, 2013 on KWGN-TV.  The Bennetts talked about their successes as triathletes and what keeps them moving.  Things they discussed included Bioenergy RIbose, egg whites, clean protein, fat free foods like avocados, gluten free products, recovery, "prehab" (ways to get the body loosened up) and much more.  Watch and learn from the pros!

Olympic triathlete, Laura Bennett, tells how Bioenergy Ribose is not only for athletes (1 of 2)

Laura Bennett, Olympic triathlete, talks about how Bioenergy Ribose isn't just for athletes--it spans life!  If you have passions and goals, Bioenergy Ribose will help you achieve them.

Laura Bennett explains benefits of Bioenergy Ribose for women triathletes (2 of 2)

Laura Bennett, Olympic triathlete, tells of Bioenergy Ribose is an advantage to women triathletes by giving them sustained energy.

Triathlete couple, Greg & Laura Bennett, begin and end the day with Bioenergy Ribose (1 of 4)

Greg and Laura Bennett talk about how Bieonergy Ribose helps them maintain battery all day.  They start the day with Bioenergy Ribose with their coffee to help them get going and end the day with it to help them relax and sleep better. Taking Bioenergy Ribose midday helps get them through the afternoon training session. They mention how important it is to use Bioenergy Ribose routinely.

Bennetts take Bioenergy Ribose on race days for maintained energy (2 of 4)

Professional triathletes, Greg and Laura Bennett, tell how they use Bioenergy Ribose on race day to help sustain their energy throughout the day. They put Bioenergy Ribose in their coffee to start the day.  It helps maintain the effects of the caffeine versus having big spikes of energy followed by a crash. 

World class triathletes tell how easy it is to mix Bioenergy Ribose with any beverage (3 of 4)

Greg and Laura Bennett, world class triathletes, talk about how easy it is to take Bioenergy Ribose.  They simply add it to water, juice, coffee, protein shakes and other favorite beverages.  It dissolves quickly and tastes slightly sweet.

Bennetts share Bioenergy Ribose with trainer, chiropractor and family (4 of 4)

The Bennetts, professional triathletes, have gotten their chiropractor, trainer, massage therapist and friends to use Bioenergy Ribose but are very hesitant to share it with their competitors. Laughing, they say they would tell them about it if they ask but only because they believe so strongly in the product. But they prefer to keep it to themselves so they can have that advantage over their competition.