BLS President talks to at Vitafoods

During the 20th anniversary of Vitafoods 2016, Mark Johnson, president of Bioenergy Life Science, talked with Darren Wood of FoodBev Media about Bioenergy Ribose. Mark explained that Ribose is a natural sugar that the body makes and uses to produce the energy molecules for cells within the body. It was also detailed that by increasing ribose intake consumers would have increased energy recovery, maintain energy levels in heart and muscle tissue, and that it would also support heart health.

For more videos about Bioenergy Ribose visit Bioenergy Life Science on YouTube.

Olympic triathletes talk about benefits of Bioenergy Ribose at IM2016

Greg and Laura Bennett, Olympic triathletes, got up on the main stage at Ingredients Marketplace April 28, 2016 to talk about the benefits of Bioenergy Ribose and how they use it.  They have been using Bioenergy Ribose since 2008 to help give them have the energy they need to get through the long, hard days of training and help them compete better (against those half their age!).  It especially helps them recover and have the motivation and energy to get that second workout of the day completed in a strong fashion.  They also talk about how Bioenergy Ribose helps them sleep better, especially when they are training hard, because it helps their muscles relax.  So they start their day with a scoop of Bioenergy Ribose in their coffee and end their day with a scoop before bed. And on most days they add another scoop midday to help avoid that afternoon crash.  It's all about having sustainable energy to help you get through your busy day.   Visit TEAM RIBOSE to learn more about how athletes use Bioenergy Ribose.  Browse our home page,, to learn more about the science and applications.

"Colorado's Best" host puts ribose on Fitness Wish List

You still have time to get the perfect fitness gift for the person who loves to exercise. And Joana Canals, host of "Colorado's Best" on KDVR-TV in Denver, puts the supplement called Bioenergy Ribose at the top of her wish list. It is natural and helps with sustained energy and quick recovery after workouts. 

Billy Demong shares fitness tips with Good Things Utah (KTVX-TV, ABC 4)

Olympic Gold Medalist Billy Demong shared fitness and nutrition tips and ways to get ready for the upcoming ski season with Good Things Utah viewers.  He also talked about how Bioenergy Ribose is a part of his training regimen.  Billy is a contender for the 2014 Winter Olympic games in the Nordic Combined event.

Olympian Billy Demong appears on KUTV 2 News to share top "get fit" tips

Billy Demong, America’s best-ever Nordic Combined Skier, 2010 Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist, and contender for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games shared his top “get fit” tips with KUTV 2 Morning News.  One tip includes taking Bioenergy Ribose.

Greg and Laura Bennett Share Secrets for Better Energy: #1 is Bioenergy Ribose

Greg and Laura Bennett shared their secret to better energy (Bioenergy Ribose) with Joana Canals on the "Colorado's Best" TV show that aired LIVE on August 6, 2013 on KWGN-TV.  The Bennetts talked about their successes as triathletes and what keeps them moving.  Things they discussed included Bioenergy RIbose, egg whites, clean protein, fat free foods like avocados, gluten free products, recovery, "prehab" (ways to get the body loosened up) and much more.  Watch and learn from the pros!

Mom Talk Radio’s Maria Bailey learns how Bioenergy Ribose helps moms on the go

(RADIO interview)

It’s easy for moms to let details such as health and exercise fall by the wayside. Between driving the kids to practice, cleaning up after their messes and managing their ravenous hunger, exhaustion is inevitable. Not to mention that a lot of moms also work full-time jobs! Fortunately fitness and nutrition expert, JJ Virgin says that taking care of yourself doesn’t have to take more time.  

She suggests incorporating spurts of exercise into your day, rather than trying to pencil in an hour-long session. The latter can lead to burnout and might not provide the workout quality you need. To shorten recovery time and combat muscle fatigue, she recommends Bioenergy Ribose. Ribose occurs naturally in the body and helps drive the replenishment of our cellular energy. However, the production of ribose in muscle and heart cell tissue is limited and its demand cannot be met naturally, making supplementing with Bioenergy Ribose critical.  Bioenergy Ribose is the only ribose that is patented and the FDA has issued a no questions letter stating Bioenergy Ribose is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS). No other ribose can be legally used in the U.S. for foods, beverages and supplements. 


Rogue nutritionist Jonny Bowden talks about Bioenergy Ribose on Hallmark Channel

Cristina Ferrare and Mark Steines, hosts of Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family show, welcomed guest Jonny Bowden to describe the benefits of supplementing their diets with Bioenergy Ribose. The Rogue Nutritionist explains that ribose is the foundation of ATP, the energy producing molecule. Every muscle in our body benefits from increased stores of ATP, especially the heart which never gets a vacation. He recommends Bioenergy Ribose to his athletes as supplemental ribose may also help counter muscle stiffness and pain.

Sherry Torkos shares natural energy alternatives to stimulants with "Better TV" audience

People often need an energy boost to keep up with their demanding lives, but is caffeine alone enough? Caffeine is a stimulant; it can’t create more energy once you’ve exhausted your stores. Co-hosts Audra Lowe and JD Roberto invited holistic pharmacist and author Sherry Torkos to their show, "Better TV", to discuss the alternatives. She recommends Bioenergy Ribose. Ribose occurs naturally in each cell and accelerates the reformation of ATP, the source of cellular energy. Taking ribose regularly may improve cell recovery, lower muscle fatigue and help maintain higher energy levels. (Show aired ~April 30, 2013.)

Los Angeles TV viewers learn what to eat after a workout

Intense workouts are great, but if you’re too sore and fatigued to exercise the next day maybe you need to look closer at your fitness strategy. Diet and fitness expert JJ Virgin made a guest appearance on KTTV in Los Angeles to share her best advice for getting in shape for summer. She explained that consuming patented and clinically proven Bioenergy Ribose after a workout will help sustain and restore energy levels. It also helps your muscles not to be so sore, both pre- and post-exercise. In this video clip, she reveals her easy recipe for a delicious recovery shake which can be made with Ribose.