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Are your customers tired? New study indicates a combination of ribose and caffeine may be superior at fighting fatigue.

These results will likely lead to new baseline standards in energy product formulations

Most people don’t reach for energy drinks unless they are drowsy and have exhausted their energy reserves. Others depend on a candy bar to get them past their mid-afternoon energy slumps. While we know that caffeine, ribose and glucose provide energy benefits, Bioenergy Life Science researchers recently became the first team to test these ingredients using a fatigue model. The goal was to assist product formulators by determining the best possible ingredient synergies. The exciting results may lead to changes in the ingredient ratios used in energy products. “In previous studies, the effects of these ingredients were evaluated on people under normal conditions,” explained Alex Xue, Ph.D., executive VP & chief technology officer, Bioenergy Life Science. “What made this fatigue model experiment different was that it showed us what happens when you give caffeine and/or ribose to subjects who are already fatigued and have used up their energy reserves. That’s relevant because it is a more real-world example of how these products are used.”

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Caffeine won’t fix our energy deficit

Bioenergy Life Science will be at RCA to show how products formulated with ribose can help to improve energy levels, fight fatigue and boost exercise recovery

Bioenergy Life Science will offer attendees at this year’s Research Chefs Association’s Annual Conference & Culinary Expo the opportunity to learn why there is so much industry excitement about ribose. In the wake of the caffeine/energy drink headline-making controversies, discover how energy-sustaining ribose is offering a more common sense, natural alternative. Stop by Booth 405P during the RCA Culinary Expo, March 8 in Charlotte, NC, to sample a variety of products made with ribose, meet new Vice President of Sales Mark Johnson, and get many of your ribose formulation questions answered on the spot by Product Development Manager and expert food scientist Donna O’Connor. As manager of the Ribose Formulation Center, O’Connor is eager to discuss this ingredient’s uses in formulations of functional foods, beverages, sports nutrition, dietary supplements and other nutritional products.

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Bioenergy Life Science welcomes two celebrity fitness and nutrition experts to this year’s ExpoWest

Leading global ribose company will host book signings by JJ Virgin and Jonny Bowden

Bioenergy Life Science is hosting two of this country’s most popular fitness and nutrition gurus – JJ Virgin and Jonny Bowden – at its booth #216 during Natural Products Expo West, March 8-10 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Bioenergy Life Science will also hold several great prize drawings and offer attendees samples of many different types of treats made with energy-sustaining ribose. Celebrity appearances Best-selling author JJ Virgin has worked with high performance athletes, CEOs, and A-list celebrities from around the world. Her TV appearances on such top-rated shows as the Dr. Phil Show and The Doctors have brought her household fame. Virgin will sign copies of her 4x4 Workout DVDs in the Bioenergy Life Science booth. The company will also be holding drawings for her books and a gift basket that she has personally created. Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, (aka "The Rogue Nutritionist") is a nationally known expert on weight loss, nutrition and health. He is a frequent guest on television and radio, including The Doctor Oz Show. He has also appeared on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC and CBS as an expert on nutrition, weight loss and longevity. Bowden will sign copies of his new book, The Most Effective Ways on Earth to Boost Your Energy.

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How to beat the top four workout busters

Rogue Nutritionist Jonny Bowden reveals his top secrets for helping you stick to your fitness program

What’s getting in the way of your fitness resolutions? There’s still hope even if you haven’t set foot in the gym in weeks and have already fallen back into old, unhealthy habits. Board Certified Nutritionist and author Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS – known by millions as the Rogue Nutritionist – has a few secrets to help you blast through some common obstacles so you can get back on track with your fitness program. How to defy the top four excuses for not exercising Bowden, who also holds a master’s degree in psychology, understands that there are physical and emotional reasons why people’s resolve to get fit often starts out strong but then fizzles out. Starting an exercise program is easy. Sticking with it is the challenge! Bowden has identified the top four reasons that people abandon their fitness strategies, and reveals his best advice for overcoming them.

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Veteran sales leader Mark Johnson joins Bioenergy Life Science as Vice President of Sales, Functional Foods

Sales and marketing leader Mark Johnson has joined Minnesota-based Bioenergy Life Science, Inc. as Vice President of Sales, Functional Foods. Johnson’s major responsibilities will be to work with both domestic and international food companies to incorporate Bioenergy Ribose into a variety of functional food products to help improve both the functional and health benefits of those products. Johnson is an accomplished and versatile professional with a proven track record of success in the food and consumer goods industries. Prior to joining Bioenergy Life Sciences, he was Vice President Sales and Marketing for AgroPur, where he consistently grew bottom-line profitability while developing strong customer relationships. Johnson experienced similar successes while at Michael Foods, Inc., where he spent more than a decade increasing sales volumes and improving efficiencies. Johnson, who holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Hotel Restaurant Management from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, began his professional career as a sales representative for American Fish and Seafood.

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Expert U.S. Food Scientist Joins Bioenergy Life Science

Donna O’Connor To Boost Company’s Ribose Product Development

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (October 2012) — Leading global ribose company Bioenergy Life Science, Inc., recently announced its hiring of expert food scientist Donna O’Connor as the company’s new Product Development Manager for Bioenergy Ribose®. As an experienced food scientist specializing in food, beverage and nutrition, O’Connor manages the company’s Ribose Formulation Center that helps current and future customers identify new opportunities using the pure, patented, and GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) Bioenergy Ribose®.

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Greg Bennett Ready for 2012 Ironman World Championship

Former Olympian Eyes 7th World Title With Help From Bioenergy Ribose®

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (September 2012) — To travel one hundred and forty miles, most people would require a large drink, a bag of snacks, and perhaps some shut-eye in an airconditioned car. But for top triathlete Greg Bennett, this distance represents a greater goal: The 2012 Ironman World Championship Triathlon. A former Olympian and six-time World Champion, Bennett is competing in the grueling 140-mile race in Kona, Hawaii just as he turns 40 years old – a huge feat especially when the majority of the competing triathletes are half his age. What’s his secret?

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Superior Ribose Manufacturer Meets the Highest Global Standards

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (September 2012) – Bioenergy Life Science, Inc., the only global manufacturer of pure and patented D-Ribose, recently gained a British Retail Consortium (BRC) accreditation with an A-level certification, which is the highest grade available, for its exclusive manufacturing facility in China operated by its parent Chengzhi Holding Co., Ltd.

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Team Bioenergy Ribose Rower Retains Olympic Champion Title

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (August 2012) – Susan Francia and the US National Rowing Team took the gold in the women’s eight event at the recently concluded Olympic Games in London.

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN (July 2012) – Team Bioenergy Ribose Brand Ambassadors triathlete Laura Bennett (2004 Olympian) and rower Susan Francia (World Champion and 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist) recently qualified in their respective sports to compete in the upcoming Olympic Summer Games in London, beginning July 27.

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