Industry titans gather at 2014 Food Ingredients China

April 7th, 2014

Last month’s FIC China, held March 25-27 at the Shanghai World Expo and Convention Center, was yet another opportunity for the industry’s global giants to learn more about ribose. Michael Crabtree CPT/CSCS, ISSN, CISSN, technical sales manager for Bioenergy Life Science, attended. He had many opportunities to talk about the U.S. ribose market with many attendees who stopped by the booth of our parent company, Chengzhi Life Science.

FIC China is the Asia-Pacific region’s key food event, and one of the largest gatherings of domestic and foreign industry supply chain entities. The show floor featured 300 foreign and 800 domestic companies, ranging from food technologists to trading and communications companies. “Each bay of the convention center was fast-paced and full of assorted natural materials, extracts, and food products to be marketed in the local and global market,” Crabtree reports.

“Astonishingly, there were 21 separate categories of food additives, 33 categories of food ingredients, plus engineering machinery, and myriad products and services. The show also served as an international academic conference spanning industry experts from 17 countries including the United States.”

Crabtree joined such notable attendees as representatives from Mitsubishi, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Cargill, Wild Flavors, Doehler Food, Dupont Nutrition and Dow Chemical. “These companies represent the titans of the international food market, and are seen at food shows across the planet,” he comments. “Whether your objective is to launch new products, gather leads, distribute samples or sell product, FIC is rife with business contacts.”