Bioenergy Ribose samples are a hit with IFT participants

July 15th, 2013
IFT booth staffed

Bioenergy Ribose Booth #4440 is a hit at the IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo, going on through tomorrow in Chicago. Our product prototypes – including chewy granola bars, fruit chews, whey protein balls and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, are flying off the trays! And food professionals from around the world are complimenting us on the cold, refreshing ready-to-drink tangerine orange energy beverage.

Also, a big thank you to the folks at Good Cacao for providing samples of its new superfood chocolate bars (almond, banana and peppermint flavors) made with Bioenergy Ribose. Everyone loves them!

On today’s agenda: Bioenergy Ribose was a sponsor of this morning’s IFT Fun Run & Walk, benefitting Feeding Tomorrow undergraduate and graduate food science scholarships. Kudos to our sales manager for sports nutrition supplements Michael Crabtree, who laced up his running shoes to represent Team Ribose after learning that Greg and Laura Bennett would be unable to attend the event because of flight delays. Michael is a certified personal trainer, strength and conditioning specialist, and nutritionist.

fun run banner

We’re having some great conversations about Bioenergy Ribose, which is a natural solution to America’s growing demand for sustained energy. Plus, it’s simple to formulate with Bioenergy Ribose, and products made with 250 mg or more of Bioenergy Ribose per serving will add additional functional claims on their packaging.

Stop by Booth #4440 for product samples and copies of our new marketing materials!

Prototype and Customer Product Samples (get them before we run out!)

o Chewy Granola Bars – Ready to eat Oats Honey & Nuts

• Three toppings: White, Chocolate and Cinnamon Drizzle toppings

• 500mg Ribose per 16g bar; 1g Protein, 1g Fiber, 3g Fat, per sample bar

o Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie – Ready to eat with dark chocolate drizzle

• 400mg Ribose per 1 oz. (28g) Baked cookie – Ribose in the dough. Choc Drizzle & Half Dip.

o Liquid Energy Drink Beverage – Ready to drink Tangerine Orange & Berry Pomegranate

• 3g Ribose per 8 fl. oz. or 1.25% with 60mg Caffeine, B Vitamins 25% RDI & 100% RDI Vitamin C High Acid

o Good Cacao Superfood Chocolate Bars:

• Energy (500 mg Ribose w <10mg caffeine per bar)

• Recovery (500 mg Ribose w <10mg caffeine per bar).

o Energy 28

o Performance X2

o Code Blue

IFT booth sampling


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