Our Team

Sales & Marketing

  • Marianne McDonagh, Vice President Sales
  • Michael Crabtree, Director of Science Affairs and Technology
  • Penny Portner, Director of Marketing

Team Ribose

  • Jessie Diggins, 2018 Olympic Gold Medalist, 4-Time World Champion, 8-Time National Champion
  • Susan Francia, 2012 & 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist, 5-Time World Champion
  • Billy Demong, 2010 Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist, 28-Time World Cup Medalist
  • Greg Bennett, 2004 Olympian, 7-Time World Cup Champion
  • Laura Bennett, 2012 & 2008 U.S. Olympian World Class Triathlete
  • Bryan Clay, 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist World Champion

To learn more about Team Ribose go to www.teamribose.com.